"I'm running to continue serving as County Commissioner so we can keep moving Calhoun County Forward. I hope I can earn your vote."



Healthcare Costs

As Operations Director of Lifecare Ambulance Service, Steve Frisbie runs a business every single day. He's taken this experience to the county level and implemented long overdue management reforms that have reduced county healthcare costs and saved taxpayer dollars.

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Controlling government spending and prioritizing the delivery of key services is the kind of thing that keeps Steve Frisbie up at night. Frisbie has stood strong against tax increases with NO increased County levied taxes approved on Frisbie's watch!

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Reducing Government

Steve Frisbie has reduced the size of county government while ensuring that key services like police, infrastructure, and a small social safety net to help those in need are prioritized. Thanks to this conservative fiscal approach, Calhoun County's bond rating was upgraded to AA -- saving us big bucks.